Presentations are personal, and so is my coaching. Every individual has his or her own communication style. Every presentation scenario is different. In all of the services I provide, I tailor my coaching to meet the needs of the individual or team I’m working with, and for the specific presentation they’re preparing for. You can read about my approach below, or just call me to discuss your needs.


Entrepreneurs have to be able to clearly and succinctly tell their story to a variety of audiences, including potential investors, partners, and customers. Your pitch needs a CUE: it should build Curiosity, establish Understanding, and generate Enthusiasm for whatever you're working on. 

Every story starts with a solid strategy: What’s compelling and unique about your business? How do you want to be perceived by your various audiences? What tone do you want to strike with your communications? What’s the best way to explain your business to outsiders?

Once the strategy is set, we’ll work on how best to deliver that story. Pitch preparation covers a variety of communication scenarios, ranging from the traditional “elevator pitch” all the way up to a complete investor presentation.


Individual Presentation Coaching

We’ll start by discussing your specific needs: What do you do well? Where do you need to improve? What’s your goal for the presentation?  We’ll then create a plan that responds appropriately.   

Some 1:1 engagements are only a few sessions; others can stretch across several weeks. Some focus on structuring the content to tell the most effective story; others focus on delivery and audience engagement. Whatever you need, I’ll help you hone your presentation and achieve your objectives.


Group Workshops

The group workshops help your team prepare for an upcoming conference or improve their general communication skills. My presentation workshops provide fundamental best practices and strategies for success. Topics can include anxiety management, presentation preparation, business writing, and persuasive communications.

Workshops can accommodate almost any size team and can fit into almost any time slot. I design most of my workshops for teams of 5-15 people and 1-3 hours.