I've helped the following clients
stand out from–and in front of–the crowd.


Adams Street Partners
Adaptive Insights

Bank of America
Cowboy Ventures

Hall Capital
Highwire PR
Hotwire PR
Jackson Wine Estates
JVM Lending

Moment Ventures

Nokia Growth Partners
Sofinnova Ventures
Specialized Bicycles
Stanford University
Tea Collection

Western National Group
Wildcat Ventures

"Burt gave me exactly the right type of support and coaching: constructive, specific and actionable. He tweaked rather than rebuilt, which allowed me to stay in command of my content and keep my confidence high. And when my confidence wavered in the hour before my presentation, Burt calmly talked me down and gave me just the shot in the arm I needed. Burt knows how to set you up for long-term success."  

- Bernard Muir, Athletic Director, Stanford University

"Burt knows how to craft a story, and he knows how to help you deliver it. He jumped in to help me prepare for two major presentations about my company’s inspiring brand statement —an internal company-wide gathering and an external seminar for our top 100 retailers nationwide. I knew what I wanted to say.  Burt helped me determine just the right message.

I hired Burt to work on some specific delivery issues. He dug into the root cause of my issues and structured a series of techniques to help me overcome them. He was patient, encouraging, and made me ultimately successful.  

Burt is a gem to work with.  I couldn't have been more pleased to have a guide help navigate the fears and hurdles of public speaking.  Where I saw road blocks, he taught me detours to get where I needed to be.  

If you need help with your presentation, Burt is the guy."

- Emily Meyer, Founder, Tea Collection

"I worked with Burt in preparation for a major fundraising pitch for my non-profit, Onward, and he not only helped me understand how to tailor my content towards my intended audience, but also effectively structure delivery so my message would resonate. He helped me make use of communication tools I didn't even know I had at my disposal such as tone, eye contact, gestures, and pace. I would highly recommend Burt to anyone looking to optimize their communication style and personally can't wait to work with him again for my next big pitch."

- Ronnie Washington, CEO/Founder, Onward Financial